Ideas for Using Your Time

Unlike most service agreements, I don’t limit you to a specific list of tasks. I’m happy to help you with anything I can.  Over the years, my customers have called on me to do a variety of tasks and special projects. Here are just some of the ways you might get your money’s worth each month:
  • Website Design & Maintenance

    Your site is only “perfect” on the day it is launched, so it’s important to keep the information fresh and up-to-date. I’m here to provide ongoing maintenance, make minor changes, or give your site a complete makeover — whenever you want. I also perform regular maintenance and backups on all websites covered under my VIP Care Plan to ensure that the software is up-to-date and all of the security patches are in place.
  • Social Media

    From cover photos and profile pictures that match your website to posting new items to keep your content fresh, I will make sure your company’s Facebook page is a vibrant extension of your website. If you use Twitter, Instagram or any of the other platforms, I will customize them, too. By making the most of social media, you will reach an ever-growing audience and improve search engine placement of your website.

  • Blast Emails

    From elaborate newsletters to simple postcard announcements, you provide the details and I will create a blast email in MailChimp that you will be proud to send out to your clients or prospects.
  • Fillable Forms

    In this day and age, nobody should be filling out application forms by hand. I’ll transform your paper applications into fillable PDF forms that can be downloaded, then filled out and saved electronically.
  • Website Forms

    Speaking of forms, your website deserves high-quality request forms for estimates, inquiries, and customer service. These forms submit to your email address and will be customized for your specific needs.
  • Surveys

    You create the questions and I’ll build an online survey that can be integrated into your website or email.
  • Software Training

    I use Microsoft Office extensively and have even taught a few classes on it.  I will provide training over the phone or in person on Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint.  And if you want to make your own changes to your website, I will show you how to use WordPress or edit basic HTML code on static websites.
  • Special Projects

    I’ve been a small business owner for over 20 years, so I know how things are done in most offices.  Why not use my expertise to help out with ongoing tasks or special projects? I know your staff will appreciate the extra time — time that can be focused on servicing your clients. Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help your company or organization.