Frequently-Asked Questions

All software needs to be updated on a regular basis. Your smartphone and your computer are constantly updating the software needed to run their operating systems and programs. And most of these updates are done to improve stability and security.

The software driving your website is no exception. When the latest security and functionality updates aren’t done, your visitors may encounter errors or, worse yet, hackers may take over the site completely.

No, unlike other companies that give you a prescribed list of “what’s covered”, you can use your time with me for virtually anything that I can help with.  I’m here to answer questions about domains, hosting, email issues, best practices, and more. Check out this list of ideas for using your time… it’s based on how my other customers are getting their money’s worth each month.

Sure you can. It may take some time to gain the technical know-how to perform the updates, system checks, and backups needed to keep everything running smoothly. And since you already have a business to run, when will you have time to learn all of this?

No, you cannot carry over unused time from one month to the next, however, if you do use additional time in a given month, you will be billed at my lowest rate, so it is still more cost-effective than simply “paying as you go” for service.

Yes. There are no expiration dates on prepaid time. Use it whenever you need it, as little as five minutes at a time.

No way! There are many firms out there that will build a so-called “free” website for you, but then you are required to pay a monthly fee to keep the site alive. When you decide you no longer want to pay that fee, your website (and often, your domain address) disappear. In most cases, this is because they retain ownership of your domain, website content and even documents attached to the site. I’ve always felt this is wrong. When I build a site for you, you own everything: the domain, the site content, and all the files. All you pay me for is my time and expertise. If you decide that you no longer want to be a VIP customer, give me 30 days written notice and I will cancel your agreement… no hard feelings, no burned bridges, and no vanishing website!

Most of the sites I manage are built in WordPress, however I also have expertise in maintaining Joomla and Bootstrap sites as well.  If your site is running on a different platform, call me and I’ll take a look to see if I can maintain it for you.

No website is hack-proof and occasionally one of the bad guys will win — temporarily, that is, if your site is being maintained on a regular basis. Rather than losing everything or having to rebuild your website from memory, I can usually get a hacked site up and running again within an hour or two because your maintenance service includes full backups and malware scans to recover quickly from the unexpected.

I’m always happy to provide help on a pay-as-you-go basis. A minimum charge of $50 for up to 30 minutes will be billed for any support I provide, including website maintenance, training, technical questions, or consulting.  Anything over that is billed in 15-minute increments at my current hourly rate.  Contact me for my price schedule.