Who is taking care of your church’s website?

Nowadays, most people who are looking for a new church home will start with Google, hoping to get a clear picture of a faith community before they walk through the doors.  That’s why it crucial to have a website that provides current and accurate information.

I have maintained my church’s website for over 20 years, along with serving as their bookkeeper and other roles.  I know how challenging it can be to stay on top of tasks such as website maintenance when there are so many other hats to wear as well.

That’s where I come in.  With easy-to-budget services, I will take the burden off your plate and take care of your website as if it were my own.  When you sign up as a VIP client, I reserve two hours a month for you. Just for you. You can use it for anything I can help with: website updates, new features, training, you name it. And if you go over the two hours, you’ll still pay my lowest hourly rate. This affordable safety net ensures that I’m there when you need me.

And even when you don’t use me for specific tasks, I’ll be working in the background, regularly attending to these tasks:

  • Regular Backups
    The best defense against hacking and server problems is to have a current backup that can restore your site quickly and painlessly in the event that disaster strikes.  Every site that I manage gets backed up at least once a month, even if none of the content has changed.
  • Software Updates
    The platform upon which your website is running (often WordPress or Joomla) is subject to frequent updates, usually to plug security holes and prevent hackers from messing up your site.  I will monitor and install any updates and patches to keep your site running as smoothly as possible.
  • Broken Links
    Your site contains links to other websites such as insurance carriers and other resources.  When those sites are updated, it often results in broken links at your end.  I will check each month to ensure that your visitors don’t hit any dead links.
  • Security Monitoring
    It doesn’t happen often, but if your site does get hacked, you want someone with the know-how to take care of it.  This is always a #1 priority and, in most cases, I can get your site back to its pristine condition within an hour or two from when you notify me.
  • Content Updates
    Updating your website regularly with quality content provides the value customers often require before making a purchase.  All it takes is a quick email from you and I’ll update your site, taking care to properly proofread and format the copy before it goes live on the website.

And if your church is hesitant about committing to a monthly care plan, I offer other options that are affordable and there when you need them.