20 Years and Counting!

Up until recently, the majority of my work was done with insurance agencies all over the country.  As I’ve become acquainted with more and more small businesses and organizations in the Montrose, Colorado area, I have discovered how much I enjoy the one-on-one collaboration that was missing when I was doing most of my work over the phone.

When I moved to Montrose in 1997, I was a remote employee doing tech support work for a software company.  In my free time, I taught myself how to build and maintain websites, starting with The Campbell Group, a large insurance agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In the years that followed, I did two upgraded sites for them, along with hundreds of other insurance websites.

In 1999, I was laid off from my tech support job and co-founded Intranet Concepts with a close friend in Massachusetts.  In addition to providing training and web design services, we pioneered intranet technology with AgencyCentral, the first product built exclusively for insurance agents. Almost two decades later, Intranet Concepts continues to help agencies organize their internal information.

I left Intranet Concepts in 2009 to pursue my dream of being a solopreneur.  Aspenglow Services was launched with the vision of using my website design skills to empower insurance agencies to compete on a level playing field, regardless of their size and budget.  I have always accomplished this by creating high-quality websites at affordable prices, always striving to give each customer more than they expect.  I’m most proud of the fact that the majority of my clients return every few years for an updated website that adopts the latest technology.

In 2017, I discovered how much I also love working with small businesses and other organizations in my own community, so I established Aspenglow Web Design — the site you’re viewing now — to highlight the work that I’ve done in the Montrose area.  I have continued down both paths simultaneously, using my skills to create a unique Internet presence for each client, here and throughout the United States.

Fast-forward to 2019 and I am pivoting once again.  Realizing that the era of “build and forget” websites has long passed, I’ve recognized a critical need for website maintenance.  While there are plenty of designers out there who are happy to design and build a beautiful website, few of them seem interested in doing the routine work of keeping the site running as effectively as possible.

That’s where I come in.  Using the tools and techniques that I’ve acquired over the past two decades, I perform regular maintenance on every website under my care.  This ensures that the software is up-to-date and everything works as well as it did on the day you launched the site.  And because I have more time to learn new skills and keep up with evolving technology, I can offer suggestions and help you implement new features to keep your website moving forward as your business grows.

Want to learn more?  Take a look at my services or give me a call at 970-615-9235 to discuss your particular needs.