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Customer Care Services

Your website is only “perfect” on the day it goes live. You have invested a great deal of time and money into creating an Internet presence that complements your brick-and-mortar location.

Owning a website does require some maintenance to keep it running smoothly and the best way to maintain optimal placement in search engines is to update the content on a regular basis.

And, unlike other companies, I don’t limit my services to working on your website. I’m here to help with anything I can. Are you looking for answers to your software questions? Do you want some help with a special project? Does someone on your staff need training in Outlook, Word or Excel? These are just a few of the many services I’m happy to provide.

With a choice of options, I will provide a fast response at a price that works best for your business:


Receive priority attention whenever you contact me for help.
When you sign up as a VIP client, I reserve two hours a month for you. Just for you. You can use it for anything I can help with — website updates, maintenance, training, you name it. And if you go over the two hours, you’ll still pay my lowest hourly rate. This affordable safety net ensures that I’m there when you need me. And even when you don’t use me for specific tasks, I’ll be working in the background to backup your website and run any security updates to protect you against hackers.


Save money on service without any monthly commitments. 
If you tend to shy away from service agreements, even ones as agreeable as mine, you can still save money by purchasing a prepaid block of time. The more time you purchase upfront, the lower the price. This time never expires and, as always, can be used for whatever I can help with.


I’m here whenever you need me, to help with anything I can.
If you are maintaining your own website and making your own changes, I’m here to pick up the slack when you need a little extra help. Your request will be completed at my earliest availability and I’ll bill you for the time I spend.

Contact me today for my current price schedule.